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Au Revoir

Why I've stopped making music:
- Not because of COVID-19
- Not because of a lack of INSPIRATION
- But because I found CALM.

Calm in a sense that:
There are so many BRILLIANT artists out there! Their musical expression of emotions is so on point with ...
- what I feel
- with what gives me goosebumps
- with what makes me cry, run, smile and fight
...I identify 100% with their sound.

Amongst other: LORN, DOLOR, and I used to do so: DEPECHE MODE.

And since their sound floats my point SO MUCH I can have faith into their tunes.

I know that any sort of funny emotion in my stupid little head will be audio-covered by my music heroes.

And that's why I can let go.
At least for a while.

All my audio "heritage" will remain available via Bandcamp, via this site and partially on Spotify, too. But I no longer worry about being heard. About expressing myself through the means of music. I've found temporary peace in the fact that I feel home in so many other artists sounds. There's nothing left to say for me. For now.

Instead, I'll go back where I come from:
I come from a time when listening to tunes was pure joy.
No more wondering how they got the low-end so fat, the snare so tight (btw, your snare sounds like trash) and the pads so ethereal. Funk that! I'm quite sure I'll return to making music one day. When I feel the urge to do so.

Until then, I will celebrate AND share with you the music that I like most. I'll do so by capturing moments of every day life and fix those shots up with music that pulls my triggers. And you can see the results on Instagram and TikTok

Also, I'll keep you posted here. This site will remain a vital part of my personal brand's communication. BTW: Join me on LinkedIn!

Also, make sure you check out my bros from - they'll become a vital part of my life in 2021. Designer Simon Malz and Content Producer Samuel Kümmel have been with me since forever - and they will continue to do so. I'm glad to have my bros at my side.


A Sunday Stroll

Hello world, please welcome "A Sunday Stroll" - my first release since...2018. A Sunday Stroll - with it's field-recordings from various Berlin streets and my hommage to this beautiful urban moloch of a city. A melange made from melancholy of days gone by ... joy because of the nice life I can live - and the sun that's setting in front of me ... letting the houses cast shadows onto everyone and everything around them. This is my perfect Sunday Stroll. Release day: March, 20th 2020 and available via the usual streaming services
P.S.: Quite ironic title, innit? Didn't know this back then...


Judge for yourselves

I've had it all: times of blissful ignorance where writing music happened without worrying about keys or structure. Then there were years of doubt because I hadn't quite yet wrapped my head around topics such as mixing and mastering. But you know what: Judge for yourselves! New tracks will surface soon - enjoy the old ones as long as they're around. As free downloads OR via Spotify and other platforms.


Vocal Recordings

From time to time, Brandon - an (still) uknown voice-over star - drops by to record some material for a (still) top secret project. What you can see here is a basic, but absolutely sufficient setup for very good sounding vocals recordings: A Shure SM7B - in an acoustically traeated room (for heaven's sake DO NOT RECORD IN A VOCAL BOOTH!). We've started in August and probably continue till December 2019. All recordings then go through a vocal plugin chain: Takin' away any low-rumble, boosting the mids, a bit of de-essing, some gentle compression - et voilà: Your voice is good to go.


Re-Arranging the Record Collection

I've spent the entire weekend re-organising my "record-collection". Why the quotation marks, you might ask? Well: I did't sort LPs or CDs but... Spotify Playlists. What can you do, it's 2018 :-)



Dear All! I've decided to dedicate the next fours weeks to nothing but songwriting. This implies less (=> zero, to be more precise) DJing or whatsoever external events. In order to get shit done (I'm aiming at a minimum of 5 tracks) I left my beloved Bundeshauptdorf Berlin for a pile of sand, surrounded by nothing. I feel that the unreal beauty will trigger a shitload of ideas. To stay up to date, feel invited to check out my Instagram and Facebook-Channels. And, yeah: There's different content on each of the channels ;-)


Track: Firepond

Certainly one of those tracks that started with a strong idea. But that that strong idea then got watered down in the course of the mix. "But...why?" you might ask? Well, because it became too fancy. I simply f***** it up. "But ... why?" Because it denied what it was: A blunt, loud and direct attack that only can be consumed in a short period of time. So I boiled things down again ... and this is how "Firepond" become my so far shortest and most aggressive tune. I'm happy to repeat myself here: My tunes are like a swinging pendulum: Moving from Easy Listening and Electronica to Industrial and Techno ... and back.
As usual, you can download Firepond for free at Bandcamp or you simply stream it via Spotify.


Track: Loyat

The track's title "Loyat" is a blunt simplyfication of the French word "l'oyat" - which translates to beach grass. Which grows on dunes. And this is where I wrote this tune: Sitting on a dune, surrounded by oyat. Hence: the name!
You can download this piano-electronica-ish tune for free on Bandcamp and stream it on Spotify. It's even available on Youtube.


Track: Niemand is Nobody is Ne Personne

You know those places where tranquility kicks in an a certain level of liberating solitude is flowing? Well, I went to one of those places where nobody (in french: ne personne) is and soundtracked my thoughts. You can download it for free on Bandcamp and stream it on Spotify. It's even available on Youtube.


Track: Leave Space

The perfect setting for this track: Wandering through the streets of Berlin at night. With a beer in your hand. You'll find it on Spotify. You can download it for free on Bandcamp. It's for the more visual people, it's even on Youtube, but behold: It ain't a proper "Video" - it's a still of the picture you see below :).


Event Creation: Traurig Und Untanzbar

My mind never stops spinning. If it's not about making music or DJing, I ponder on event concepts. The latest edition to this restlessness was "Traurig Und Untanzbar" - one of the biggest events I've created so far. Four awesome live-acts, taking the audience on a trip from melancholia to madness in just four live-concerts. Eric Carl kicked things off with his Dronescapes and touching visuals. Field Rotation then took over, leading us into the fields of Neo Classical Music. Subheim showcased what true Dark Ambient Music is: Soundscapes that go under your skin - spiced up with tensed percussion. Last but not least, Monolog // Mads Lindgren lit his explosives. Since I hosted the event, I decided not to DJ. I was just there and enjoyed the show.

Traurig Und Untanzbar Vol.2 will take place on Sept. 14th, 2018.
Traurig Und Untanzbar Vol. 3 is currently being planned.


Track: Out Here

What your soul sings to you at 4 o'clock in the morning whilst your body is being ripped apart by kick and bass. "Out Here" premiered in my Radio FG Underground Paris DJ-Set "Raison D'Être" which you find a few scolls below. You can download the track for free at Bandcamp.


Event Creation: ∆ - The DELTA Tunes

The term "∆-Tunes" (say: DELTA-Tunes) perfectly describes the music I make and love to listen to: It is the difference between what you're wishing for vs. what you get. Mathematically spoken, the ∆ (say: DELTA) was a thing that has always inspired me the most. Happiness and fulfillment have never been sources of creativity to me. Instead, failing (better and quicker) and doubts have always been the path for growth and progress. This is why I decided to celebrate this state of unrest by focusing on music that perfectly depicts and triggers what it means to feel: ∆.


DJ-Set: Raison D’Être

Quite a nice set. It premiered on Radio FG Underground Paris and mirrors my love for the more melancholic sides of techno - including my own track Out Here.


Track: Industrial et Tendresse

Contradiction causes tension. And so does this track: It unfolds into an aggressive but tender vortex of melodies and rhythm. You can download the track for free via Bandcamp. Of course, you'll also find it on Spotify.


Track: Feeling Triggered

Feeling Triggered actually is the original version to the latter issued "Leave Space". Both versions share my love for melodic hooks - but they're also different. Feel free to check out both. Feeling Triggered is available as a free download on Bandcamp.


Track: Lovetrack

A sweet and sunny groove. Seems to me like the evolved version of my Sundowner a few scrollls below what you're reading right now. Obviously made with sunshine on my mind. Feel free to download it for free at Bandcamp or simply stream it via Spotify.


Track: Chambre 24

A rather joyful, almost trancy tune, innit? As usual, I invite you to get your free Bandcamp download via or listen to it on repeat via Spotify below :).


Track: Bad Habit

What are your bad habits?


Track: Gin Tonic

I love Gin Tonic - and Gin Tonic loves me. So we made a tune. Later, the fine guys from Trndmsk joined us and we had a chat about the floorstarter-track - check out the interview-section. Get your free version of Gin Tonic here.


Track: I Score

Though the mainstream's love for Synth-Pop has ended decades ago, I still enjoy making those tunes. This one makes quite a good score for an 80’s crime series, I feel.


Track: Interlude

The track's title pretty much says it all: A swift but beautiful idea.


Track: Herrenhaus Eisenstein

A tune back from my sandbox-days. It was created in a time where I enjoyed experimenting instead of writing in dedicated music genres.


Track: Sundowner

You guys know those special summer evenings? When you've friends coming over, everybody's chilling at the pool and is having a good time? This is THE soundtrack for those special sundowner moments.


Track: About Off

My farewell track for ye olde "Hafen 2" in Offenbach. This former engine house in the industrial harbour-area was and is an emotionally charged spot to me - and it was demolished for the sake of expensive new penthouses. I was there when the last walls were torn down. I took a piece of wall home with me and placed it next to my gear. It's there to remind me of where I come from. As usual, you can download the track for free.


Track: Yours Sincerely

My very first track (that I actually finished). Listening to it nowadays is kind of strange: Production-wise, I'd change a lot of things. On the other hand: Its melody and sounds are pure gut feeling - and it's awesome! Since I didn't give a damn about music theory back then, I was very creative but also bumped into production issues over and over again. Anyways, the track appeared on the DJ-Mag Germany compilation and you can download my track for free here.