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Event Creation: Traurig Und Untanzbar

My mind never stops spinning. If it's not about making music or DJing, I ponder on event concepts. The latest edition to this restlessness was "Traurig Und Untanzbar" - one of the biggest events I've created so far. Four awesome live-acts, taking the audience on a trip from melancholia to madness in just four live-concerts. Eric Carl kicked things off with his Dronescapes and touching visuals. Field Rotation then took over, leading us into the fields of Neo Classical Music. Subheim showcased what true Dark Ambient Music is: Soundscapes that go under your skin - spiced up with tensed percussion. Last but not least, Monolog // Mads Lindgren lit his explosives. Since I hosted the event, I decided not to DJ. I was just there and enjoyed the show.

The event will return in 2018, all plans are in the making.