Tobias Lichtmann

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Pop Kultur Festival 2017

Pop-Kultur-Festival, the follow up event to the Berlin Music Week. A good place to make new friends and meet the old ones. The Nachwuchs Concept really helps the music-offspring to get things going.


Bye Bye, Music Mindmap

To make good music, follow two simple rules. One: Know the rules. Two: Break the rules. On this day, I took down my gigantic mindmap full of music production know-how (see rule 1) that covered most of the walls in my studio. But before I did so, I had a Gin Tonic and sprayed my kind-a credo over all the map.


Unbaking the cake - track deconstruction as a mean for musical insights

Sharing is caring - this is my credo. And since I gained a shitload of insights by deconstructing other artist's tracks, I decided to share my know-how with the superb Noisy Academy Berlin audience. My songwriting still benefits from this technique up until today - if you're interested in learning it, feel free to contact me: I'm quite a good teach.