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Au Revoir

Why I've stopped making music:
- Not because of COVID-19
- Not because of a lack of INSPIRATION
- But because I found CALM.

Calm in a sense that:
There are so many BRILLIANT artists out there! Their musical expression of emotions is so on point with ...
- what I feel
- with what gives me goosebumps
- with what makes me cry, run, smile and fight
...I identify 100% with their sound.

Amongst other: LORN, DOLOR, and I used to do so: DEPECHE MODE.

And since their sound floats my point SO MUCH I can have faith into their tunes.

I know that any sort of funny emotion in my stupid little head will be audio-covered by my music heroes.

And that's why I can let go.
At least for a while.

All my audio "heritage" will remain available via Bandcamp, via this site and partially on Spotify, too. But I no longer worry about being heard. About expressing myself through the means of music. I've found temporary peace in the fact that I feel home in so many other artists sounds. There's nothing left to say for me. For now.

Instead, I'll go back where I come from:
I come from a time when listening to tunes was pure joy.
No more wondering how they got the low-end so fat, the snare so tight (btw, your snare sounds like trash) and the pads so ethereal. Funk that! I'm quite sure I'll return to making music one day. When I feel the urge to do so.

Until then, I will celebrate AND share with you the music that I like most. I'll do so by capturing moments of every day life and fix those shots up with music that pulls my triggers. And you can see the results on Instagram and TikTok

Also, I'll keep you posted here. This site will remain a vital part of my personal brand's communication. BTW: Join me on LinkedIn!

Also, make sure you check out my bros from - they'll become a vital part of my life in 2021. Designer Simon Malz and Content Producer Samuel Kümmel have been with me since forever - and they will continue to do so. I'm glad to have my bros at my side.