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Cleaning With Tootbrushes

In early 2018 I reached out to my most important audio-engineering-mentor: Marc Mozart (highly recommend reading his mixing-bible "Your Mix Sucks"). In my mail, I was bluntly honest about a topic that I was/am still struggeling with. Apart from MAKING and then DISTRIBUTING music, how can I actually get HEARD? Sure, I DJ, play events, etc - but I felt there's more that could be done. Marc's answer was straight, simple and very kind: "You need to become a brand - And I'll help you with that!" And so I went and spent some time with him and his crew. They made me clean the studio-floor with a toothbrush and then shared all their secrets with me!
The secret is - *DRUMROLL* - There is no secret! Just document and share your process of actually becoming a pro audio engineer, DJ and eventmanager.
And this is what I'm gonna do from now on. And although his advice sounds somewhat obviously, I invite you to join me on my journey of gettin there - cuz it ain't gonna be easy. Instead it's gonna be a shotload of work and I can hardly wait to get things started!