Tobias Lichtmann

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The Full STOP!

It just had to happen - music production came to a complete, full stop - and it all started with some heavy rainfall. Here's the background information: The studio is situated under a rooftop-terrace. A late-summer thunderstorm with some heavy, heavy rainfall was strong enough to flood the terrace - with water eventually dripping through my ceiling. "Dripping" for the first few moments, because seconds later, water was not just dripping - it came down like a waterfall. How do I know? Well, luckily, I was on site. I managed to evacuate all keyboards and almost all speakers. The sub got covered in a wallpaper-mud-mixture - and so did the entire desk. Long story short: it took some whopping two months to actually dry all walls, followed by a renovation, followed by a complete re-setting up of the entire studio. Lovely.