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Event Creation: Float With Depeche Mode

I make music, but I also make events. The idea for "Float With Depeche Mode" was born in late 2016 and arised from my desire to listen to Depeche Mode's B-Sides, rares and lives all night long in an environment that fits the less dancefloor-like music. The nice people from Liquidrom Berlin - a thermal bath and my favorite place to drop these tunes - said "yes".

The pitch goes like this: "Float with Depeche Mode" Ein Abend im Liquidrom gehört ganz den Balladen, Instrumentals, Bare Versions und B-Sides unserer Helden Martin L. Gore, Dave Gahan und Andy Fletcher. Gerahmt von Ausflügen in beatlose - aber nicht minder intensive Wave-, Synthpop-, Industrial- und Spoken-Word-Tracks ist dieses einzigartige Event ein Muss für Liebhaber der düsteren, untanzbaren Elektronik. Ever since this very first "Float With Depeche Mode", the event returns every ten (or so) weeks. To find more about the next event, check out the event-section for upcoming events.