Tobias Lichtmann

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Past Event

Q3 Ambientfest Edition 2019
12 04 2019

Do you know what a boutique music festival is? No? Well, wonder no more! A boutique music festival is a passionately hosted event with hand-picked artists that - in this case - are all into classical contemporary & experimental music. The event organizers Ceeys (artists themselves) started Q3Ambientfest in 2017 and I DJed there since 2018. A thing that I realized this year: Q3Ambientfest gives us (the artists) a feeling of being at home. This is a rare phenomenon. To my mind, this mostly has to do with the intimate setting, the passionate, interested audience and the amazing crew that supports the founders. My key-takeaway: I got to know new, amazing artists and re-met familiar faces. Just to name a few: Diane Barbé's soundscapes were awesome, Poppy Ackroyd's music: Highly moving. And so were the tunes made by Simeon Walker, Jakob Lindhagen (when was the last time you saw someone playing a SAW?) & Vargkvint as well as Kinbrae with their longing trumpet X electronica. Naming the entire line-up would be too much, but rest assured: It was a wonderful selection of tension and release! And for my part: I set musical counterpoints and prepared the ambience in between the acts. Feel free to join this Spotify Playlist and re-experience the touching electronics played.