Tobias Lichtmann

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Past Event

Kraftwerk For The Masses
27 07 2019

Kantine am Berghain

Another brainchild revolving around my favorite bands: Kraftwerk For The Masses - a mashed up title referring to - obviously Kraftwerk and to DM's album "Music For The Masses". The idea for this event is more than 10 years old and KFTM was the very ever first concept that I turned into an actual event. It took place in the (now abandoned) techno club "U60311" in Frankfurt / Main in 2008. And although it's 2019 by now...the idea of having both my fav bands working together, later transitioning into Synth and dark Techno...well: To me, it's a match. And as far as I can see, I'm not alone - but we'll see how things turn out. Feel inivted! Kantine am Berghain on Saturday, July 27th!
Also, let me say something on the design: My dear friend Simon Malz from "Lichtsignale" developed this - also awfully long ago. But: The design is timeless, just like the music we celebrate. The type, color and the core visual elements spot on translate the party's spirit into a visual language: Strength, tension and contrast. Thank you, Simon!