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Musikmesse 2019

Musikmesse 2019...what an event. Our Mixed By Marc Mozart Crew did not only take care of the Musikmesse social media channels, not only did Marc hold seminars on mixing music, not only did we organize an influencer event with Germany's top-notch Youtubers such as Vincent Lee, Tanzverbot, Ceddotalk and
Evi Sings but we also interviewed Chris Lord-Alge. The mixing-engineer myth himself.
Now I'm back in Berlin and focus on my upcoming events such as Kraftwerk for the Masses, some DJ-Sets for my friends from Q3Ambienfest, etc. Stay tuned and make sure you follow me on my socials such as Instagram and Facebook. And for those who wondered: How is Tobias Lichtmann connected to Marc Mozart? Easy! We're studio parters. Whilst I'm still learning all about mixing and mastering (PS: If your mix still sucks, read Marc's book "Your Mix Sucks"!), the studio is benefiting from my business-development-approach to things.